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  • Under the bridge.

      Day Two of Photography101… the street. Under the Bridge. In the middle of the city, amidst the murky river and the singing train tracks, the air smells of the dusty pages that render the space silent.

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  • Monday Muse. Metal Hunks.

    Is it a pre requisite when having the bar of a trolley in your grasp that your mind resort to thoughts of propelling it into the river? I wonder if this pile of discarded metal carts are the remorseful remains of some guilty jaunt or low budget joy ride. Be that as it may, these […]

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  • Day 50.

    Today’s happiness stars a shopping bag loaded with a fuchsia cockatoo and a boy’s batman sweatshirt. The bird will join our household zoo of exotic creatures in rainbow shades. The sweatshirt will join my hare-brained wardrobe. #100happydays #day50