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  • Memento.

    Day 7 of Photography101 and the theme is ‘Landmark’. Memento. I bent down and picked up a handful of sand. His stone eyes watched me as I let the grains fall through my fingers and into the black cylinder that had contained a fresh 35mm film cassette just seconds ago. I snapped the grey lid […]

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  • Pig.

      Today I was given the task of rewriting a set story from the perspective of a 12 year old sat across the street. So again I am curtailing my lengthy words and sentences for something simpler…. Pig. I thought it was strange that she wasn’t crying. Those pigs turned up at her door with […]

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  • Red.

    Today’s task is one of perspectives… “A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene from three different points of view.” I’ve answered this with three separate […]