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  • Grumpuss.

    The monday musings of a crazy cat lady… Grumpuss. I was watching The Simpsons. He strolls into the room and plants a squidgy bundle of sellotape and wrapping paper on the bed. I look up, eyebrow cocked, and he nods towards the parcel. “Surprise.” After unfolding the glitter-caked paper I am reminded of that moment in […]

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  • Chocolate.

      Today my parade is basking in sunlight and is entirely rainproof, as I can finally say hello to the new and improved, laurafeasey.com, fresh from the surgeons table, because even the virtual among us need a little facelift once in a while… To celebrate, here’s a little story from my ‘About Me’ page… Chocolate. […]

  • Monday Muse.
  • Sharpen.

    Happy new year to my lovely readers, I hope your last few weeks have been filled with a little indulgence of all kinds. In racking my brains this morning for a New Year’s post I ventured down this nostalgic path… Sharpen. Mechanical pencils are very often my weapon of choice, owing to many childhood years […]

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  • Fortune.

    Day 16 of Photography101… “Treasure”. Fortune. The gong chimed, a bellowing command came from above, and from all corners they scuttled up the stairs, past the boxed bugs and through the dinosaur bones, onto the streets of Oxford. He hadn’t seen me. I stood looking over the curiosity filled cabinets and antique occupied closets, entirely […]

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  • 26.2

      Day 14 of photography101… “Swarm”. 26.2 The asphalt rolled under every stride, a convey belt of monotony if it wasn’t for the reason he took each footstep.

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  • Vice.

    Photography 101 day 9…”warmth” Vice. Whispering tendrils tickled the lungs, making the most of their precious seconds before they were to be released back into the world.  

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  • Adolescent Male.

      Photography 101 day 8… ‘The Natural World.’ Adolescent Male.   With each tread of his hooves his branched horns swerved backwards, his mouth edged upwards, his lips parted and he let out a bellowing cry. He commanded attention from them with every mark he made in the mud. But the females remained silent, their […]