My name is Laura, and I am LadyFace.

I am a freelance writer penning fiction, lifestyle editorial and fashion content. I have been published in the likes of Popshot literary journalCaboodle MagazinePerdiz Magazine and DOG, and I write for brands such as Zalando and Debenhams.

LadyFace explores what it is to be female and feminine and peachy-cheek-kicking in 2016 and beyond. This space is all for embracing your eccentricities, nuzzling in your quirks, owning your oddities, and expressing them all with grace and open mindedness. During my 30 years thus far I have been influenced by everyone from David Bowie, Lena Dunham and Roald Dahl, to Lana del Rey, Chuck Palahniuk and Alexander McQueen, and it is eccentric champions like these that make the world of LadyFace go round.

Over the months I will explore everything from fashion to fiction, via fortnightly trend tales, lifestyle features and a bi-monthly short story. Every month I will also delve into my journey as a writer, which at the moment is seeing me attempt my debut novel (which, as yet, does not have a name!). I will also be featuring some superstar rebels to the cause, talking of which, contact me here if you want to chat about a collaboration or a feature.

I hope you come and ride along with me fellow Ladyfaces and Boyfeatures, we will have fun together, I promise.


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  1. What I like about this blog so much – is the fact that you like to write using pencil.
    Now that is amazing. Not that many writers today here in L.A. write with a pencil.

    You seem like a real cool and down to earth person. You also seem like the type that likes to make conversations a lot. 🙂

    Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog and liking it.

    I took my time to read your About page…and I shall return to favor in reading your Bowie inspired poem.

    I am going to follow your page.

    It’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 🙂

    1. A pencil definitely makes all the difference, especially when you need something to keep up with the rushing words, before the writer’s block sets in… I must admit I didn’t see many pencils during my last visit to LA, but a lot of laptops :-/ Thank you for the compliment, and for visiting me too, you write beautifully 🙂

      1. 🙂 You are welcome. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on following your dream and finding success. The most important part of it is believing in yourself. The affirmation of publication is nice too. 🙂

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      Thank you! That is very true. Belief is half the battle, tenacity is the rest I think, oh, and a bit of talent 🙂 And affirmations definitely help!

  3. Laura, Laura, Laura!
    So, I had a binge-read of your blog the other day, and am now massively excited to be working with you on HA. And congrats on Popshot, that’s a huge thing to have achieved 🙂 *raises glass* xx

    1. laura@laurafeasey.com says: Reply

      You are too kind! Thank you for bingeing. Really excited about this collaboration, planning a little nose this weekend of all your blogs… love your profile pic, it tells me we will get along just fine… ha x

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