Scandinavian posters & picture wall fabulousness with Desenio (+ DISCOUNT CODE!)


I’m kicking off a brand new series of interior style posts with a collaboration with Scandi design brand Desenio.

Ever since our last house move, the boy and I have been searching for a new way to display our photos.  We have tried it all when it comes to showing off our prints… blu-tac murals, messy photo wires, pegs on string…  but nothing has ever provided that certain splash of je ne sais quoi we were after. So I was dee-lighted when masters of Scandi wall art cool, Desenio offered to help with our creation…

I have been fawning over this brand after finding their achingly beautiful frames online, and I am loving the blend of copper, gold, white and black on the wall we’ve created, they definitely give the whole piece a touch of luxe.

We chose an abstract print and an agate macro photo to intersperse with the pictures we selected for the wall, the pastel tones sit perfectly with our California road trip pics, some retro family polaroids and a few sunny shots from my family’s home in Southern Spain.


If you like what you see and fancy creating your own collage wall, I have teamed up with Desenio this week to give you the opportunity to shop some of their beautiful posters and prints, and of course to check out their frames online too. Just use the discount code LADYFACE25 to get a 25% discount on all posters, except the “handpicked” category (valid 16th-18th May).

Happy creating kiddos, tag me in whatever you create if you decide to order!

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  1. Gilly Edwards says: Reply

    I’m liking that arrangement. Perhaps in my next pad, I’ll get me some of those prints. Recognise some of those Polaroids 😁
    Beautifully displayed Laura x

    1. You definitely should! I reprinted a few of the old family ones, they look fab, we’re so pleased with it, so nice to have Grandma and a few oldie pics of you all on the wall ☺️☺️xx

  2. Carmi Joice says: Reply

    Your arrangement complements the interior. And may I say how your place is so instagram-worthy!

    1. Ah thank you! Shamefully, I did say this to my boyfriend when we were looking round the place before moving… and now we’ve finished decorating it’ll certainly be a good background for a few insta shots ☺️😂

  3. PAT says: Reply

    Hi, are you doing a collaboration with honeymoon hotel art

    1. Hi! I am indeed! We’re in the midst of creating some exciting printed quotes and some bookmarks at the moment! It’ll be coming up on the blog and their site hopefully in the next few weeks. Actually I believe the bookmarks are going out with current orders from the Hotel already ☺️☺️ Are you a fan of theirs?

  4. Nati says: Reply

    I like it! I find it a bit too eclectic for myself (I have OCD tendencies and could not bare the frames being all of different materials, LOL) but I guess that is what gives the charm to the whole arrengement.

    1. Haha I was definitely channeling a more eclectic feel, but I’ve seen some beautifully clean and organised ones all with the same frames that you could probably bare!! 😂😂

  5. This is such a cool arrangement! I love the juxtaposition of different shapes and colors.

    1. Thanks Courtney! I was definitely channeling an eclectic look, so I’m glad you think it worked! 😂

  6. This Desenio discount code is perfect. I have a few ideas of a collage I could make using my photos from a recent trip.

    1. That’s exactly what I love about a collage wall, we used a lot of photos from our trip to LA, it’s nice to put the memories on display rather than hiding on a hard drive somewhere ☺️☺️

  7. These are really fabulous photos. And I just LOVE the way you organized them! This space looks awesome!

    1. Thank you so much, I won’t lie, it was definitely a bit of trial and error 😬😂

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