5 stationery brands you need in your life

We all need stationery. Some people don’t *need* it like I *need* it, but I am hoping in sharing my little discoveries with you that you might start to see the humble pen and paper as I do. I’ve had a fondness for stocking up on writing materials ever since the annual pencil case refresh during my schooldays. It’s dangerously developing into a full blown addiction which has only got worse since these stylish little beggars started giving the market a bit of va va voom. But alas they have, and there goes my freelance petty cash budget. Hey ho, at least they’re tax deductible.

  1. Ohh Deer

Exactly what I thought when I discovered this little wonderland -‘Ohh Deer’, there goes my bank balance. Hey you’ll find lots of design fodder courtesy of indie artists that all have a stellar sense of humour. They also have a monthly stationery subscription box which is HEAVEN.


2. Urban Outfitters

A veritable treasure trove of little books that you’ll probably never read, awesome books that you probably should read and notebooks that you will fill thanks to all that literary inspiration. They also stock brands like Skinnydip, which should totally be on this list but I committed to five so I’ll just throw that one in here.

3. Paperchase

A classic. Sometimes a little twee for my obviously awesome cool girl taste ( joke. I am clearly a super geek) but they still manage to reel me in with their wrap-around journals and love for unicorns.

4. kikki.K

Scandi style meets stationery. Think beautiful, minimal, elegant pieces that will make your desk look like heaven.

5. Ban.do

L.A eclectic madness meets stationery. Possibly my current favourite brand, think colour overloads, cheerleading slogans and items that you must-have immediately or you’ll regret it forever.


So there we have it. Five stationery shops that you simply must visit. Have I left any gems out? Please do tell me because I’d hate to be missing out on something awesome. 😟

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  1. Sara says: Reply

    OMG! I really do need all of these brands in my life! I’m a long time fan of ban.do. I think Ohh dear is going to have to be the next one I try!

    1. Haha oh good, I am SUCH a fan of Ohh Deer, so I’m always happy to introduce them to other stationery fans. Ban.do is too fab, it’s starting to appear more in the UK now but we still don’t get as much as the US 😭😭!

  2. Urban outfitters always has the coolest stuff

    1. Oh they do, such a treasure trove of awesomeness. 😍👌🏻

  3. I want to buy them all now!

    1. Haha this was a dangerous post to publish 😬😬

  4. I love stationary and I’m always looking for new brands. I love Ban.do, definitely one of my favorites.

    1. They’re just so unique aren’t they?! Annoyingly I hadn’t discovered them by the last time I visited LA, otherwise I would’ve been bringing a suitcase crammed with goodies back to the UK!

  5. I’m such a stationary hoarder I just love it! Glad to know there’s other hoarders out there too lol 😂

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I can’t actually believe I had a pile of notebooks from each brand to take photos for this piece. I definitely have a problem. 😬😬

  6. cakeryriann says: Reply

    stationary subscription boxes! Oh dear, my bank balance is in serious trouble!
    Plus, I can’t resist a wrap around journal either!! love it!!

  7. Nick Goodrich says: Reply

    Absolutely love stuff like this…….thanks for sharing 😍👍🏻😊

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