5 female horror characters that don’t suck

It’s Friday the 13th. And although it seems to be tradition that the female characters in horror movies pretty much suck, it doesn’t mean we all have to play to the stereotype of the damsel in distress.

Here are a few heroines who have kicked some 🍑 when it comes to fighting those arseache killers on the rampage.

1 Gale Weathers – Scream series

Everyone goes on about Sidney. Sidney is whiny. But Gale Weathers manages to survive the series, kills a few killers and she does it all in those polyester suits AND with a full face of makeup…

Best line – “Do not fuck with me.”

2 Clarice Starling – Silence of the Lambs

It is likely that I would have shit myself when being faced with Dr Hannibal Lectar’s infamous snivelling, lip smacking descriptions of his human liver and chianti dinners, but oh no, Clarice Starling isn’t fazed. She also avoids being turned into a human trenchcoat by putting a bullet or two right through that pervy Buffalo Bill…

Best line – “No, you ate yours.”

3 Ellen Ripley – Alien, Aliens, and the rest…

Ripley knows how to handle a pulse rifle. She also knows how to blow an alien to smithereens. And in that utility suit and those Converse trainers, she was obviously a hipster way ahead of her time.

Best line – “Get away from her, you bitch.”

4 Eli – Let The Right One In

I hated seeing that cute little Scandi blonde boy being bullied, and I am sure I wasn’t the only one who revelled when the tyrants got their comeuppance: as tasty blood sucking fodder for vampire Eli. They deserved it.

Best line – “I live off blood… yes.”

5 Laurie Strode – Halloween

Yes, she does talk about dumb adolescent things like boys and sex (don’t we all?!), and yes, she does scream a fair bit, but she also stabs Michael Myers in the neck AND she skewers his eye with a coat hanger. That is pretty badass.

Best line – “I killed him.”

Happy viewing.





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