The Monday Muse. New year, same old fear.

I wish I could make a new year’s resolution to ditch the arachnophobia and start 2016 as a spider lover. Unfortunately it is not that simple. Here’s a little tale of how my Saturday morning was spent, with a spider. Happy new year.


Five cm.

It was the first time the boy had left the house without me since Christmas. It was no less than ten minutes after his departure – while I was sat indulging in some festive telly – that the eight legged brute creeped across the hallway like it owned the place.

To be fair, it now did.

I mustered up all strength to flatten it with a shoebox. It did a vanishing act. Distressed phone calls were made. I sat for two hours. Staring at the vacant space.

I was bound to my bedroom, all five feet two of my coward body disarmed whilst that five centimetres of audacity paraded around my house at will.

I’d admire their chutzpah, if only I didn’t hate them so much.

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  1. I’m with you! I’m getting better at not throwing things at them, not killing them or not crying in front of them no more, but it’s so hard when I’m on my own! brrrr and 2016 will not be an exception!

    Happy New Year anyway! without spiders, the better!

    1. Haha, I hope your aim was good when you were throwing things at them?! I fear my 2016 will be filled with more spiders than 2015. I’ve just moved out of London for a year, and so far it’s spider hell…

      1. Oh no… good luck, then!

  2. Hey I understand your pain right now ps I just killed a spider but 5 cm(I had to get a ruler to see how big that was) are serious 5 CM what (O-O) nah. I’m ready get the bucket were gonna trap it.

    1. Gosh you’re brave to go near that with a bucket, I can barely touch them via the hoover! I hope you got it!

      1. Haha me and my sister have to kill spiders almost every few weeks

        1. I often wonder if perhaps I’d become better at dealing with them if I had to do it more, but then again, I don’t actually want to find out… 😉

  3. Those 8 legged brutes is right! 😛 Meh to arachnids right?! My best friend was just staying with my husband and I and she declared last night, “I think there’s something on the wall up here that someone needs to take care of….n..o…w…” 🙂 You are not alone!

    1. Oh no, I hope you caught it! I never know the best approach to telling someone about a spider… do you say it quietly to keep them calm but risk the spider escaping, or do you quickly shout it out and risk all hell ensuing?!

      1. SHOUT IT! hahahhaa. I used to have a doggie that would know the word spider, she’d start barking and running around all excited. I’d take to jumping on a chair, wacking it off the wall with a hanger, and she’d go for it. 🙂 hahahaha. I hope that made you laugh! Smiles.

        1. Haha! Oh gosh, all the more reason for me to want a dog! I used to have a cat that would eat them if I held his face next to one. SO useful.

          1. 🙂 ahhaahhaa.

  4. This is exactly me! I stare and wait! Usually with a shoe or other heavy object in hand!

    1. I am SO glad I am not the only one. Now I don’t have to feel so weird/stupid. HA.

      1. It actually takes over my life at some points. I’d like for you to not feel weird but I’m afraid we both might be :p haha X

        1. Ha, I did think that as I wrote it. It’s so boring to be ‘normal’ anyway! It completely rules my life too, I actually even think about it when I’m holiday planning (I did worry about the pesky little buggers A LOT last November when I was staying in a hillside house in Silverlake, LA) or thinking about where I might want to live in the future. It’s the city for life for me! Ha x

          1. I’m exactly the same! I’m going to try and get over it as it really does hinder my life. My boyfriend talked about Australia before, we’ve been together years but pretty sure we’d have to break up! Haha.

            I wrote a whole post on how crazy I am, you might be able to relate!

            It’s here:

            1. Oh gosh yes, Australia sounds rather terrifying, you just need to bite the bullet and go. At least you might not ever be alone there if you’re holidaying with your boyfriend, a handy spider catcher constantly by your side?! I read your post, I can definitely relate, funny how so many of us develop the same coping mechanisms!

              1. It really is funny. It makes me feel less alone knowing others do the same haha. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy so he’d probably just leave me to after the first few! He already comes home to notes with ‘dead spider, please help me’ haha.
                But you’re right, I’ll have to just do it one day. x
                I hope your life is spider free at the moment!

              2. Yes, we are united in our lunacy. I’m not going to comment on my spider situation at the moment as I’m terrified I might just jinx it, hahaha.

              3. Hahaha! Yup, same. I’m almost certain they sense it when I think of them. Let’s leave it at that!

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